Filling out guidelines

Filling out guidelines

Nowadays, civil participation is becoming increasingly more and more indispensable. As we are getting, in several ways, continuously more connected, it is normal that we have our own space to debate ideas.

We believe that civil participation takes many forms, matching everyone’s own availability.

What we propose to you is that you take part with us in the permanent discussion about Portugal. We have several ways to do it. You can become a Party Member, a Supporter or simply give us your idea…

1. Download the Member Registration Form (pdf format);

2. Read carefully and fill in all the form fields;

3. Send the Form fully completed and signed to

Gabinete de Organização e Dados (GOD)
Largo do Rato, nº2
1269-143 Lisboa – Portugal



Your Appliance Form will only be considered valid by the National Headquarters if followed by a proof of address.

If you prefer, you can choose to deliver your member registration form in the PS local branch of your residence area.

If you have any doubt related to the fulfilment of the form, you can contact us by one of the means available:
Email or Phone [(+351) 21 382 20 00].

Please note the following:

  • All fields denoted by “a preencher pelos serviços” and “a preencher exclusivamente pelo secretariado” are to be filled in by services.
  • All fields marked by an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed.
  • The applicant is considered admitted as a PS party member as long as the PS local branch secretariat does not refuse the request within a period of fifteen days.
  • Please fill in the form using CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • Pretendo a inscrição nesta Secção por: Choose whether you aim to apply to this local branch regarding your place of residence (Residência), your work (Trabalho), your voter registration (Recensamento) or your political office (Cargo Político) and mark your choice
  • Pretendo exercer o direito de voto na Secção: Please state the local branch in which you intend to exercise your own right to vote: place of residence (Residência), sectorial (Setorial) or themed (Temática) and please tell us whether you are or were a Portuguese Youth Socialist (JS) member, stating your membership number, if applicable (Militante JS)

  • Please sate all your personal data, including: name (Nome), address (Morada), location (Localidade) and the corresponding zip-code (Código postal), district – area of country (Distrito), municipality – town or city that has a governing body (Concelho), civil parish – smallest unit of local government, (Freguesia), civil status (Estado Civil), phone number (Telefone), cell phone number (Telemóvel), second cell phone number (Segundo Telemóvel), e-mail address (E-mail), identity card number (BI/CC nº), tax number – if applicable (Nº Contribuinte), date of birth (Data de Nascimento), place of birth (municipality and civil parish) (Natural de: Concelho and Natural de: Freguesia), municipality and parish in which you vote (Eleitor: Concelho and Eleitor: Freguesia), academic qualifications (Habilitações Literárias), profession (Profissão), trade union (Sindicato), company or services where you work – please state the corresponding civil parish and municipality (Empresa ou serviço onde trabalha; Freguesia; Concelho).



  • If applicable, please tell us what kind and mark your choice: local assembly (Assembleia de Freguesia), civil parish council (Junta de Freguesia), municipal assembly (Assembleia Municipal), municipality (Câmara Municipal) and state the corresponding political office (Cargo), district (Distrito), municipality (Concelho) and civil parish (Freguesia).

  • Please state the proponents of your appliance – optional and only if you are applying for membership (PROPONENTES (facultativo e só em caso de adesão) and please do not forget to sign the form.

  • Don’t forget to write the date and sign.